Luciano Perezzini

Licentiate in Computer Science

Committed technologist and computer scientist, with great experience in start-ups, who loves to work at the intersection between Software, Design, Business and Artificial Intelligence; and help talented, diverse and hardworking teams create innovative technology products and services that captivate people from all backgrounds.

Digital transformation enthusiast. Designer at heart.

Thesis titled "Towards Legal Engineering decision support systems", supervised by Dr. Ana Casali, developed at CIFASIS-CONICET. Main objective: design state-of-the-art RegTech recommender systems applying Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing techniques.

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Artificial intelligence Automation Human-computer interaction Information retrieval Digital transformation SaaS Cloud computing

Timeline: @Promm@Conicet (Cifasis)@Poincenot


• Perezzini, L., Casali, A., Deco, C.: Sistema de Soporte para la Recuperación de Normativas en la Ingeniería Legal. In: XLIX Simposio Argentino de Informática y Derecho (2020), SID 2020 [pdf] [video]